Portrait of Arden
Hello there 
My name is Arden and I’m a Barista and Graphic Designer currently living in Malmö, Sweden.
I’m a happy, easy going guy that enjoys spending time taking a coffee with friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons and taking care of my many green plants.

As a Barista I love interacting with my guests, both providing a service (great coffee) and companionship. I’m a team player who enjoys having fun while working and making people smile around me.
As a Graphic Designer I’m a stickler for details, who enjoys spending a lot of time making things as great as they can possible be. I’m passionate about bold, colorful logotypes, minimalistic websites and lots of things inbetween.  

I’m always interested in learning new stuff, get experience in the field and exploring the world further! So please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a cool idea or something you think I’d enjoy doing. Feel free to also get in touch if you’re just curious about my work or me.


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